Our Approach


PROMISE PROJECT is committed to providing an educational path to underserved children suffering with learning disabilities. This is what we do:


For a child with learning disabilities the evaluation is the cornerstone on which their education will be built. This neuropsychological evaluation is necesssary to pinpoint the nature of the disability and determine appropriate treatments.


With the proper recommendations and tools, children with LD can succeed in school. Based on the child's strengths and weaknesses assessed from the evaluation, a treatment plan is developed.


Because a child with LD learns differently, educational programs must be tailored to their needs. Advocacy is necessary to navigate a complex school system to develop and to ensure implementation of an IEP (Individualized Education Program) based on the recommendations given.


There is no cure for LD. It is a lifelong condition. Parents should understand their child's learning disabilities and continue to address their needs. Ongoing support and advocacy is necessary to ensure recommended services are provided by the schools and to achieve success.


A long-term partnership. Train and develop professionals to effectively treat children with learning disabilities.


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