Identifying Neurobiological Causes of Learning Disorders 


Promise investigators at CUMC are conducting a pilot MRI study of the neural systems that support different kinds of learning in children, comparing those of children with reading disorders with those of healthy controls. We will use multi-modal MRI measures to study structure, function, and connectivity of the discrete neural circuits that support different types of learning. The aim of the study is to assess whether disruptions in learning systems affect acquisition of academic skills, and whether this relationship is mediated by brain structure, function, and connectivity.

Children come with a parent to spend the day at CUMC. These visits take place on Saturdays or on school holidays, and generally take 7 hours. Children will complete tests of their memory and thinking and an MRI scan, which is a safe and painless method of taking pictures of the brain. Participating children will be able to take home fun pictures of their brain and will receive a gift card. Parents are asked to fill out surveys and answer questions. 

We are recruiting children (ages 7-12). Children with a previous diagnosis of Reading Disorder (or Dyslexia), NonVerbal Learning Disorder, or ADHD are invited to participate. We are also recruiting typically developing children to participate. To volunteer for our MRI study or to learn more information please call 646-774-6078 or email

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