As you can imagine, the COVID-19 crisis has impacted our programming tremendously -- and low-income children with Learning Disabilities are among those hurt the most. While Promise is feeling the economic consequences of the pandemic, our first priority is to ensure our families get as much support as possible, especially now.

Here is how Promise is responding:

  • Once NYC school closures were announced, our clinicians connected with every family in our program to make certain students continue to receive the IEP-designated special assistance now available virtually. Our clinicians follow up regularly to verify that parents both know how to access these services, and know their full rights to receive all IEP-mandated support during this critical time.
  • Although we are unable to conduct in-person neuropsychological testing right now, we continue to review cases as they come in and provide advocacy to ensure each child is receiving needed services.
  • Our team created, and constantly updates, resources for parents with detailed instructions on how to contact the Department of Education (DOE) and the Committee on Special Education (CSE). We have also developed materials so parents can remain engaged with therapy groups and hospital personnel.
  • In response to daily changes by the DOE during this crisis, we are partnered with Advocates for Children, Mobilization for Justice, New York Legal Services, Legal Aid, and other legal experts to create centralized information for families so that they can fully understand evolving requirements and new services.
  • This transition has been particularly difficult for Spanish-speaking families, creating even more confusion about how to access critical support. Our bilingual staff are reaching out to inform affected families of their options and direct them toward proper resources.
  • In addition to our core services, Promise is providing mental health support to parents. As they navigate these most stressful of times, their anxiety is further elevated by the fear their child will not be able to learn. Our psychologists are there to help alleviate those concerns.

As circumstances continue to change and new challenges arise, we will work tirelessly to help our families every step of the way.


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