Promise Project

When Learning is Difficult, Everything is Difficult

Promise Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underserved children with learning disabilities (LD) get the support they need to learn. 

"Emmanuel's Story" by Douglas Sloan is licensed under CC by ICONTENT 


Every day, children from families living in low-income communities fall behind in their education because of undiagnosed LD - disabilities that if properly diagnosed and treated in school, would no longer hinder a child's mental health and their academic, social, and emotional development.

When LD is left undiagnosed and unaddressed, children can suffer from anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and disruptive behavior. Without the proper diagnosis and interventions, children with untreated LD are at risk of severe negative life outcomes, including dropping out of school, drug abuse, and incarceration. 

Learning disabilities have nothing to do with how smart a child is – a learning disability is simply a neurological disorder that affects the brain's ability to process information in a traditional way. But without the proper assessment and supports – which are nearly impossible for poor families to access – learning and pursuing a life of opportunity becomes nearly impossible.


We know that when children receive effective support early enough, they can achieve success in school and beyond.

Most children with LD have the aptitude for a life of success, but it takes testing, advocacy, and educational services to unlock their potential – not readily available for low-income families.

Promise Project has joined forces with Columbia University Irving Medical Center in conjunction with NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital to create the most comprehensive program in New York City committed to providing an educational path for underserved children with LD: Promise at Columbia.


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