Our goal is to develop learning disability treatments so that all children, families and schools have the tools to succeed. 

State-of-the-art prevention and intervention programs can eradicate the long-term effects of learning disabilities. Investigators at CUMC will lead multidisciplinary studies aimed at identifying causes of LD which will all us to develop low-cost prevention and intervention programs that may be replicated around the country. Our vision is that all children with learning disabilities are able to be properly diagnosed and given the necessary corrective tools to learn to their capacity.

PROMISE at Columbia has embarked on a breakthrough scientific research initiative: to determine the root causes of learning disabilities and the most effective therapeutic interventions.  With world-renowned neurological facilities and an innovative team dedicated to understanding learning disabilities, PROMISE is poised to transform the way we think—one child at a time, and beyond.

Scientific Based Research:
  • CAUSES: Determine medical cause/basis for learning disabilities.
  • PREVENTION – EARLY INTERVENTION: Prove method for identifying learning disabilities early.  Prevent the development and effects of learning disabilities and consequences.
  • EVALUATIONS: Create a simpler, more concise evaluation that can be scaled to be accessed by all children (older children for effective remediation)
  • INTERVENTIONS: Identify and prove effectiveness of interventions and remediations.                                                          

CUIMC investigators will lead research studies aimed at developing low-cost prevention and intervention programs that may be replicated around the country. 

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