Warning Signs

Some signs for parents and teachers to look for are:


  • Delayed speech development, pronunciation problems
  • Slow vocabulary growth, using the wrong word
  • Difficulty rhyming words
  • Trouble learning numbers, the alphabet, days of the week
  • Poor ability to follow directions or routines
  • Awkward when running, jumping, skipping
  • Trouble interacting socially with peers
  • Difficulty controlling pencil, crayon, scissors
  • Difficulty buttoning, zipping, tying


  • Slow to learn the connection between letters and sounds
  • Confusion of basic words (e.g., run, eat)
  • Consistent reading and spelling errors
  • Reversing or transposing letters or numbers
  • Difficulty understanding what is said or expressing thoughts
  • Trouble learning basic math concepts
  • Poor handwriting


  • Reverses letter sequences (e.g., soiled/solid, left/felt)
  • Slow to learn prefixes, suffixes, root words, and other spelling strategies
  • Avoids reading aloud
  • Continued difficulty with grade level reading, written language or math skills
  • Difficulty organizing and expressing thoughts when writing or speaking
  • Difficulty making friends


  • Frequently spells the same word differently in the same writing assignment
  • Avoids reading and writing tasks
  • Either pays too little attention to details or focuses on them too much
  • Weak grasp of abstract concepts
  • Poor memory skills
  • Works slowly and misreads information

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